All aspects of Project Management, from new construction sub-divisions to remodels, abandoned residential projects to commercial buildings.

Project Management


Afraid to start a major project, fearing that your contractor will disappear once the contract has been signed?  You don’t know Michael!  Clients rave about BuildTech Unlimited, Inc., and his method of continuous communication.  From start to finish,  you’ll always know exactly where you stand & what you can expect.

General Construction – Project Management

  • Provide project management on large renovations, custom homes, commercial construction, and residential subdivisions.
  • Project management services to be provided on a cost plus agreement.
  • Pricing to be determined depending on complexity of project.


Work-Out Abandoned Projects

  • Take over and complete abandoned projects.
  • Negotiate with all stakeholders to craft win-win resolutions.
  • Assist in securing new financing to complete construction.
  • Provide project management from beginning of project take-over to acquiring notice of occupancy for all units.